12,5SAV060-01, Exhaust exterior wall grille with return flap 190x190 and flange D150 / 160


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Supply ventilation valve is intended for installation in a wall of household, office premises. The valve protects against the penetration of dust, dirt, noise, insects, ensuring the influx of fresh air, it is an essential element of ventilation in an urban environment. The duct length is from 400 mm to 1000 mm, with a pitch of 50 mm. The duct diameter is 125 mm.

Available in three versions with different types of thermal insulation:

Modification-01: thermal insulation of mineral wool based on basalt rocks, laminated with reinforced aluminum foil. Has a self-adhesive foil overlap, which greatly simplifies installation.
Modification-02: thermal insulation of mineral wool based on basalt rocks.
Modification-03: thermal insulation made of foam polyethylene. Material with perfect closed cellular structure and excellent thermophysical properties.

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