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Transition Poer PTG10

WiFi Gateway The Poer PTG10 connects directly to a 220v socket and connects to a wireless router via a wireless network.

With the WiFi Gateway and mobile app, you can easily reprogram the default daily and weekly heating schedule. When the thermostat is connected via a WiFi gateway, the parameters (date, time, day of the week) are set automatically via the Internet. This greatly facilitates further programming. Only one Poer PTG10 Wi-Fi Gateway supports up to 10 POER devices. If your system has more than 10 POER devices or the distance between the devices is greater than 150 m, you need an additional Wi-Fi Poer PTG10 gateway.

Wireless connectivity works via smartphones or tablets based on iOS or Android software systems.

The Poer PTV30 wireless room thermostat allows you to set up one of the cheapest solutions to control the heating system and temperature of your home without having to do anything wiring.

In addition to the standard functions for controlling the temperature in the house, this room thermostat also allows you to control the operation of radiators. All you have to do is pick up a modern phone with the free PoerSmart program installed and easily see what the temperature is now in your home. You can change the operating mode or temperature anywhere, even in another country. If during your absence, when there is no one in the house, you see that the temperature in the house is more than 1 degree lower than the one you set, then there is probably some problem in the heating system.

With the help of the Poer WiFi thermostat, you can save your home from frost, as you discover the problem in time, and then call a service technician to repair your heating system.

The PTV30 model is controlled by a radiator valve, which enables multifunctional heating control. The thermostat can be used on old or new radiators. The unit offers many models of different radiator valves with M: 30 thread.

The thermostat is controlled from the front panel. For transparency and efficiency, it is equipped with an information display that shows the operating modes and the set temperature. The power source is 2 AA alkaline batteries. The radiator thermostat is compatible for use with other Poer equipment. Thus, the multi-zone control function is performed together with the PTG10 thermostats. The thermostat can be controlled via the Internet (wireless wi-fi network). The WiFi gateway for the POER PTG10 thermostat is intended for this. It is a device that allows remote control of the Poer thermostat via a mobile application via WiFi. Eliminates the need for a wired connection between devices and the router.

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